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Credit Union Daily News
A message for HR leaders
What talent professionals need to know about creating a thriving workplace.

Building through crisis
Lessons learned from Allegiance Credit Union and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Bridge the skill gap
How to address gaps in performance and set employees up for success.

Growing through project management
How project teams improve employee engagement, retention, and leadership development.

Data analytics unleashes strategic insights
Turn human resources from a cost center into a strategic partner.

Virtual vs. in-person leadership
How does the hybrid workforce impact leadership development and succession?

Giveback event benefits Florida beach
HROD Council conference attendees pick up 300 pounds of garbage.

Get results instead of regrets
Three steps to overcoming challenges and clearing hurdles in your way.

AI, wellness top HR Exchange agenda
Broad workplace changes brought on by the pandemic continue.

Be ‘radically curious’ to improve communication
Burnout declines when communication and connection improve, author says.

Succession planning: Move beyond your comfort zone
Focus on the future to ensure the organization’s relevance.

'Machine plus people'
Artificial intelligence should uplift, rather than undermine, employees.

Developing employees for growth
How to build employee and leadership development programs.

How to identify future leaders
Look within to build the next generation of executives and managers.

PODCAST: How to develop the next generation of leaders

Advantis and Vibrant credit unions look inward to find and develop potential leaders.

Becoming inclusive
Interior Federal Credit Union honored for DEI efforts.

WATCH: Human-centered marketing

Move beyond selling and build connections with members, author advises.

Add data to your story
Credit Union Impact Dashboard measures the transformative powers of credit unions.

Celebrate National Financial Capability Month
Credit unions across the nation use financial education to improve members' financial lives.

PODCAST: GAC 2024 highlights, part 2

Credit union leaders discuss advocacy, DEI, servicemembers, and more.

Culture drives success, DEI is essential to culture
CUNA Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Samira Salem hosted a panel whether DEI is a “fad” or something more permanent. Though the panelists had different backgrounds and ways DEI is embedded within their work, they all agreed DEI is here to stay.

Schools: Credit unions are 'friends' on financial journey
Chartway Credit Union President/CEO Brian Schools, who will chair the America's Credit Unions Transition Board, wrote that credit unions are the best friend a consumer can have when it comes to securing a financial future.

Tom Kane awarded AACUL’s highest honor
AACUL honored Tom Kane, President/CEO of the Illinois Credit Union League and Envisant, with its highest accolade, the prestigious Eagle Award.

Dykstra: CUs offer transparent options, not 'junk fees'
It's imperative to separate the sensational misconceptions when it comes to overdraft, writes California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues President/CEO Diana Dykstra, adding that opting in to overdraft protection is a valued and worthwhile choice for many credit union members.

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