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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a demonstration of files that I can look at?
A: Yes. For a DEMO, Log-in by entering "sample" in lowercase letters as both your Client Login User Name and Password.

Q: Do you post PACER/Court documents on this site for the credit union legal files?
A: Yes. We do post PACER/Court documents pertaining to your legal files for our credit union clients. Hence, for bankruptcy matters, we post copies of all relevant PACER documents for your files, such as the debtors' Bankruptcy Schedules, Debtors' Notice of Intentions, Statement of Monthly Income & Expenses, filed Proofs of Claim and other documents of interest. In regular collection matters, we post, for example, copies of the Judgments, Garnishment Disclosures and other pleadings filed with the courts. Our credit union clients may access these documents 24-hours per day.

Q: Can we access the Court/PACER documents on your system without signing up for PACER or taking the course?
A: Yes. We automatically receive the PACER documents on your files and we post them for each file with other status information. You may access the Court/PACER documents at any time, from any computer and without any software to download.

Q: Can we access your system to send a request for legal action now?
A: Yes. Please contact us. We will supply you with access information for next-day service.

Q: Navigational Tip for this Site:
A: The Backspace Arrow (top left on Browser) is your friend.

Q: When I am in the file Status area and I click left on a File Attachment to open it, the document appears in the full screen. Can the document open in a smaller screen?
A: Sure. Please Click Right on the document you want to open and select "Open in New Window."

Q: Do I need to re-enter the borrower's name, address and all the other information for this member each time I request another type of action to commence?
A: No. There is no more repetitive input. Simply Select the "+" sign next to the matter you wish to request further action on and the latest information for that matter will appear on the screen. OR, on the Request New Legal Action screen, use the drop-down box to "Select Existing" matter. The account can also be quickly updated by you or us with an address change or information for further action without taking unnecessary time to send an email or fax.

Q: We have a number of Judgments that we would like to send to you for garnishments to issue. Can you proceed with post-judgment collection actions if another attorney entered the Judgment itself?
A: Yes. Please merely Fax a copy of the Judgment to us when you submit your Request for Legal Action. If you do not have a copy of the Judgment, we can retieve one if you tell us the Court in which the Judgment was entered.

Q: Do you do Judgment Liens?
A: Yes.

Q: Does your law firm charge a monthly or annual retainer fee before we may utilize your services?
A: No. Our credit union clients are only charged for the legal service requested and there are no monthly or annual retainer fees required or requested.

Q: What geographic areas in Michigan do you cover for Credit Unions?
A: All of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

Q: Want a Free Complimentary copy of our Credit Union Legal Newsletter?
A: Complimentary Issue

Q: Do you have a question or need hekp?
A: Please contact us. We will supply you with access information or schedule a meeting at your convenience.

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